Tuti island, where the Blue and White Niles merge, has always been seen as a little garden paradise in the centre of Khartoum, for which it used to provide most of the vegetables.

But a bridge that has connected the islanders to mainland Sudan has also brought them into the 21st Century and changed life irrevocably.

The Nile is the gift from heaven the [ferry] trip is very nice – it’s free air-conditioning

They watched the skyline of the capital change dramatically over the past decade, but remained divorced from many aspects of modernity.

Until last year, the island was only accessible by small ferries, but now the bridge literally seems to connect it to Khartoum’s most striking landmark, the Burj Al-Fateh Hotel – known as “Corinthia Hotle”

“The bridge has changed my life,” says Abdilrahman, a farmer tilling his 5,000 sq metre plot with oxen not far from the banks of the White Nile, across from the parliament buildings.

“Before that, I used the ferry to take my vegetables to the market which was very expensive – it would take a long time and now it’s very easy for me,” he says